Tourmaline is a mineral which has a very complex and somewhat variable chemical composition and is valued as a gem when transparent and cut. The chief constituents are silica and alumina in nearly equal proportions, forming about three fourths of the whole. The remainder consists of boracic acid, ferrous oxide, manganous oxide, magnesia, lime, soda, potash, and lithia which are all not present, however, in any specimen.

Tourmaline, which is harder than quartz but not as hard as topaz has a hardness of 7 to 7.5 and a specific gravity of 2.98 to 3.2. The mineral has a vitreous luster. The most common colors are black, brownish black, and bluish black; blue, green, and red varieties also occur, but white or colorless kinds are rare.

Red tourmaline is known as rubellite; pale blue or bluish black as indicollite; Berlin blue and transparent, in jewelry, as Brazilian sapphire; green and transparent as Brazilian emerald, chrysolite, or peridot of Brazil; honey-yellow as peridot of Ceylon; colorless as achroite; and black as schorl.

Magic and Myth

Occurring in many color varieties, tourmaline helps to balance both sides of the brain. It brings clearing and balance. Tourmaline helps to provide insight and an awakening from illusion. Promoting understanding and self confidence, it helps the wearer to release "victim consciousness" and to open to spirit.

A stone of purification, black tourmaline deflects and grounds negativity, releasing psychic and emotional debris. It reduces anxiety and depression, and opens the wearer up to renewal and increased vitality.

Opening the heart, green tourmaline helps the wearer and act with compassion. It inspires creativity. It can be used to create success and to increase prosperity and abundance.

Pink tourmaline opens the heart and head, promoting a "higher state" of love. It creates a feeling of peace, awareness and understanding which is especially helpful during times of transformation and growth. It helps the wearer learn to release destructive tendencies and trust in the power of love. Given as a gift, pink tourmaline promotes joy, awareness, trust and understanding between the giver and receiver.

Bringing vitality and physical energy, rubellite tourmaline stimulates independence and creativity. It heals the heart, releasing co-dependency and helps the wearer to experience love from a perspective of wholeness.

Rubellite tourmaline activates the heart, encouraging connection with the higher self. It helps in releasing guilt and soothe an emotional nature, and can inspire communication, cooperation and tact. It offers a joyous and humorous outlook into the situation at hand, allowing the wearer to see the benefit in the experience.