Coral is the hard skeleton of a number of marine animals. The skeletons of some species are horny, while others, the stone corals, are largely composed of the calcium carbonate derived from sea water. 

Coral producing animals are also called corals. They are widely distributed throughout the world, but the majority are found in tropical and subtropical bodies of water. The skeletons of warm-water corals are the chief component of coral reefs and coral islands. The delicate scarlet precious coral has been used to make jewelry since Roman times. It is found chiefly in the Mediterranean Sea and grows a branching, treelike skeleton. In the same group are a number of other tree corals and the massive blue coral, Heliopora, of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Corals have been used in jewelry and carving for thousands of years coming in variations of red, pink, blue and white. The deeper the colors, the more prized the Coral. 

Magic & Myth

In the 16th century, people thought that a prig of red or white Coral could calm a raging tempest, as Coral allegedly cured madness and protected one against enchantments.  Coral is believed to effect inner changes when worn.  It is said to dispel foolishness, nervousness, fear, depression, murderous thoughts, panic and nightmares, and it projects reason, prudence, courage and wisdom.