Emerald is a green gem variety of the mineral beryl. The emerald was known in ancient times not only for its beauty, but also for its alleged powers of healing diseases of the eye. It is essentially identical to other types of beryl in composition and properties, but it contains sufficient chromium to impart a bright green color. Emerald usually contain featherlike included material, often called "silk", the presence of which causes the gem to have a mossy appearance. Flawless specimens of good color and size are exceedingly rare, and command higher prices than diamonds of equal weight.

Emerald of ancient times were mined chiefly in Egypt. Very large specimens of emeralds have been found in Siberia. Most gem specimens are now mined in Colombia. In the United States emeralds have been found in Alexander and Mitchell counties in North Carolina. The name emerald has also been given to various other green colored minerals, frequently used as gem stones. Brazilian emerald is a green variety of tourmaline. Lithia emerald or hiddenite is the emerald green variety of spodumene. Oriental emerald is the green variety of corundum. Uralian emerald is the green variety of andradite.

Magic & Myth

This very precious stone opens the heart chakra, bringing harmony, sensitivity and loyalty and creating a feeling of bliss. Its fragility reminds us that the hearts of other can be fragile as well, and helps us to be gentle with those around us. It brings stability and is powerful in wealth magic. It is also used to strengthen the memory.