Quartz mineral composed of alternating bands of chalcedony and opal. The bands are straight, parallel, and usually colored black and white in alternating layers and are used as gemstones, often for cameos.

Onyx comes in variety of chalcedony quartz colors mostly in shinny black or many colors. It is a production of fossilized wood which make it very hard and durable. The stone has been carved for centuries or polished into beads of elegant jewelry that used to be popular in the 18th century. North American Indians used to carve magical objects or animals made of Onyx to attempt to influence the forces of nature, and in China, blackish Onyx is a symbol of winners.

Magic and Myth

This solid-feeling stone is excellent for grounding negativity and letting go of stress. Onyx is soothing and helps in focus, to banish grief and old habits, protecting the bearer and encouraging happiness and good fortune.